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a Dance Mag #2

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a Dance Mag looks at the world through the lens of dance, to present an alternative view of a world that is in constant motion. Because awareness of motion — of our bodies, of ideas, of the flow and unfolding of nature — help us better understand ourselves and the world we live in.

Each issue of the publication is inspired by a dance flow and explores a universe of imaginaries, histories, rituals, mythologies, and narratives related to and inspired by that flow.

In this issue:
Issue 02 tells stories of people who embrace their rage, indignation, defiance, and a love of life that refuses to be subdued. They engage with their full ferocity to face the challenges that surround them. And they end up experiencing the little death that bring us renewed back to life.

In the Furor issue you will read about free-spirited artists who refused being crushed by established systems. You will read about creative forces transforming destruction into beauty and grace. And you will read about flames of hope shining bright in the darkest of nights.


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