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Am I Overthinking This? 2022 Engagement Calendar

Author: Michelle Rial
Wall Calendar, 2021
225 SEK
Upcoming product
Release date: August 31, 2021

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Fans of the popular and relatable book Am I Overthinking This? can now engage with its iconic illustrations on a weekly basis with this colorful and witty engagement calendar featuring Michelle Rial’s signature charts about overthinking.

From artist and writer Michelle Rial comes an engagement calendar—featuring the beloved and relatable artwork of Am I Overthinking This?—that is bound to bring overthinkers joy as they figure out their plans. With Rial’s signature, not-so-scientific charts, this calendar proves that even life’s simple questions don’t have just one, easy answer. For anyone trying not to overthink their plans, this engagement calendar brings a weekly dose of humor with its wit and charm.

POPULAR AUTHOR: Michelle Rial, a former senior designer at Buzzfeed, has built a huge following around her humorous charts detailing relatable moments of stress, anxiety, and daily life. This calendar offers a new, exciting way to access her charts.

PERFECT CONTENT FOR OVERTHINKERS: There is no better format than a calendar for overthinking one’s life. Those looking to organize their many thoughts regarding work, exercise, social life, and more will have the perfect solution with this engagement calendar.

MORE OVERTHINKING TO LOVE: For fans of the original Am I Overthinking This?, this calendar makes a delightful gift.


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