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Are We Europe Magazine, Issue 9 – Unsilencing: The Colonialism Issue

195 SEK
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We think that in the middle of a media landscape that continues to be fractured by national borders (in an otherwise borderless Europe), there’s a niche for a beautifully illustrated magazine, filled with intricately woven sentences, taking on the European landscape as a whole. Politics, lifestyle, deeply reported places that pick apart a certain place or problem, unapologetic social critique, and analysis of where the hell this is all going.

In this issue:

It’s time for Europe to have an honest conversation about colonialism

How does colonialism still affect Europe, and the world, today? From tumbling statues in India and Britain, via Greenland’s history as a Danish colony, to changing lenses in the way we look at Iraqi marshes—this magazine is different. We’re facilitating an inclusive conversation about a difficult subject.

Featured stories

  • Will Hong Kong set itself free by becoming a British colony once again? Some Hongkongers hope so.
  • Greenlandic culture is making a comeback in the former Danish colony
  • Timber is power in Zimbabwe
  • Fás na Gaeilge / Irish Language Revival
  • Iraqi marshes in photos: the seventies versus now



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