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Art Against Art, Issue 6

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Art Against Art is an in-depth critical art journal with writing that incorporates the basic logic of the market as its premise and tries to look at art and culture from within and without this context from different angles. The authors range from art historians to market analysts, artists, sociologists, curators and cultural theorists. It was founded in 2015 by Taslima Ahmed and Manuel Gnam and is published bi-annually. The first issue features contributions by Marion Maneker, Martin G Fuller, Steven Shaviro, Taslima Ahmed, Michael Farin, Megan Marrin, Manuel Gnam, Roberto Ohrt, Ben Vickers and Carles.

AAA is published bi-annually by editors Taslima Ahmed & Manuel Gnam.

In this issue:

In Art Against Art Issue #6 social historian Günter Erbe follows the changing possibilities of the Dandy in and outside society up until the digital age; artist Taslima Ahmed observes the effects Putin’s political culture has had on art; anthropologist Masato Fukushima looks at the multiple personae taken on by contemporary artists; and Andrés Gómez Emilsson’s seminal essay designs eight models of art for a scientific paradigm of aesthetic qualia. Plus recent film reviews by A.S. Hamrah, a documentation of Michael Farin’s search for a lost oasis in the Saharan Desert and an artist edition by Dena Yago.

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