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Ash, Issue 3 – Home

195 SEK
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Ash is: Independent. Intersectionlal. Telling stories. Supporting women, non binary folk and causes we love. A more honest read.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? We are! Issue 1 is here!

Across 148 premium pages, this inaugural issue of Ash presents an array of relatable perspectives on body image, beauty and self-love, challenging the narratives often found in mainstream media.

In this issue:

As male, cis-het voices continue to dominate the news and cultural media both online and offline, Ash is a space reserved for those of us who do not enjoy equal representation. Ash is ad-free, independent and fiercely intersectional… a more honest read.

As we approach two years of on-off lockdown and varying restrictions, Issue 3, ‘Home’, is a collection of perspectives on the meaning of home, presented, as always, alongside stunning art and illustration. In many ways, this period of uncertainty and upheaval has forced us to consider our place within our communities, our country, and our planet. What have we learned? What knowledge can we take forward beyond this current crisis? How can we improve? How can we unite?

For many of us home is a shelter, a retreat, permission to be vulnerable. For others, home is a longed-for place, ‘the mouth of a shark’, a threat. Home is belonging, validation, and heritage, a source of pride or shame; perhaps, a body. And of course, all beings on Earth share one home, a thing to be protected.


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