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Astrophe, Issue 3 (Cover A)

295 SEK
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Astrophe is expanding what we see as the limited representation of diversity within the print media landscape.
We celebrate beauty, talent and creativity in every shape, colour, gender and sexuality.
We believe in the beauty of diversity and are driven to celebrate the work, stories and images of our featured artists with the goal of empowering and inspiring our readers.99% of our contributors and featured artists are women, POC & LGBTQ.

In this issue:
This is important because our construction and interpretation of our lives depends on what we know to be true – it drives our choices and our actions, our thoughts, our relationships and our feelings. Without a connection to the truth, we are robbed of behaving thoughtfully, of making choices that we can truly be satisfied with. Art seeks to discover some of the truths of life that are less accessible to our consciousness, and bring them towards a deeper understanding.

This issue of Astrophe explores how different artists define their relationship to honesty, and in what ways honesty influences their art.
Premium stock, beautiful soft cover annual edition.

A4, 250 pages of content with ZERO ads, we have used a premium recycled paper with a velvety finish cover. 98% of the contributors are women & LGBTQ & no one’s skin or shape has been retouched or edited.


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