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Astrophe, Issue 5

225 SEK
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Astrophe is expanding what we see as the limited representation of diversity within the print media landscape.
We celebrate beauty, talent and creativity in every shape, colour, gender and sexuality.
We believe in the beauty of diversity and are driven to celebrate the work, stories and images of our featured artists with the goal of empowering and inspiring our readers.99% of our contributors and featured artists are women, POC & LGBTQ.

In this issue:

As a new labyrinth of light sources blazes before us we seek multidisciplinary and diverse approaches to creative work. We bend light around new corners to shatter and refract from what we knew. A fluid, genre-less range of works has populated creative space.

So Astrophe asks, what if we are our own light switches?

FEAT. Ally Green, Anastacia Bijou, Angus Stewart, Annie Hui, Annie Villalta-Burgett, Avalon Morrison, Awar Malek, BasjiaAlmaan, Beabadoobee, Ben Alexander, Brendon Mayanja, Bunny Griff, Camille Allen, Carlson, Carolina Gasolina, Chloe Rose, Claire Hart, Claire Salter, Clover Ryan, Dani Southcombe, DrittaAjredin, Dylan Atlantis, Ellen Van Neerven, Em Stenberg, Gelbell, Hameed, Hana Schlesinger, Issy Brown, Jacinthe Lau, Jeet Pavlovic, Jeremy Kees Orr, Jesper Hede, Jessica Ticchio, Jordan Gogos, Juan Dueñas Gutierrez, Kathleen Halpin, Kat Margarita, King Princess, KomboreraiMudzingwa, Kurt Hughes, Lara Cooper, Lee Velvet, Lorella Giannini, Malaan, Marisa Suen, Meg Mcconville, Milo Hartill, MusongaMbogo, Natalie Jurrjens, Nicky Murphy, Nimai Marsden, Nina Ben-Menashe, Nisha Van Berkel, NyaluakLeth, Okay Kaya, Omar Akech, PanasheMapika, Pasepa Morell, Phuong Anh Ngo, Pookie, Quinn Wilson, Rachel Lita, Rainbow Studios, Rainy Bb World, Randijah Simmons, Reem Elnour, Richmond Kobla Dido, Robin Hilleary, Sà, Sudan Archives, Tariq Junaid Ismat, Teeks, The Blueprint, Timothy Nicol-Ford, Val Alvidrez, Yasmin Suteja, Yuzhen Wang, ZeïnaThiboult, Zeppelin Hamilton + More

A4, 240 pages of content with a total of 4 ads, we have used a premium recycled paper with a velvet finish cover.


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