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Avaunt, Issue 8

179 SEK
Sold out.

Avaunt is an award-winning journal dedicated to documenting and celebrating human endeavour, from the wildest, highest, deepest, coldest and hottest corners of the Earth and beyond.

Each issue provides the chance to feel the adventure in your hands and read exclusive features. Featuring an extremely high calibre of editorial and photographic contributors, Avaunt magazine is unlike anything else on the market – appealing to those interested not only in global exploration, but also exploration of the mind. With expansive editorial range the magazine assembles a stellar cast of writers – the world’s most authoritative figures in science, philosophy, technology and literature – punctuated by accessible and timeless examples of adventurous fashion and some of the most pioneering photographers working today.

In this issue:
Punishment: Russia’s Rappers vs Putin / Fishing Camels of the Aral Sea / Pyrogeography / Restoring Niemeyer’s Abandoned Lebanese Fairground / Sapeurs / The Anatomy of an Antarctic Explorer / Off-Grid Pods / Modern Treasure Hunters / Solar Farms of the Mojave Desert / Michael Ignatieff and the Battle for European Democracy / The Brocken Spectre / Mezcal: The Soul of Oaxaca / Women in Counter-Terrorism / Tadao Ando’s Chichu Art Museum / Mirrorlands: A Journey Along the Chinese-Russian Border


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