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Baroness, Issue 1

225 SEK
Out of stock

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E-mail when item is available for order

Calling the shots from beneath her black satin sheets, the Baroness has shed her filthy rich husband Baron for the life she really wants: a riotous whirl of champagne, dangerous liaisons and the hottest,sexiest men in town. Each night she begins her own dazzling odyssey, filled with passion, sweat drenched sex, sadistic vengeance and breathless suspense. But the never-ending party comes at a price, one even Baron’s outrageous alimony payments can’t afford… So came the birth of Baroness, the erotic paperback for pleasure seekers who desire a taste of her life in the fast lane. Funding her hedonistic lifestyle, issue one features many of the hookers and hopefuls who beg at her feet, including a very special gentleman who proves two heads are better than one. Then there are contributions from her deviant girlfriends Sarah Baker, Romy Haag, Georgina Spelvin and Molly Parkin, an exposé on her favourite fetish, forniphilia and why Marie Claire is a slut. There have been many imitators, but no one gets what she wants quite like the Baroness.


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