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Bellissimo., Vol.1 (Gallio cover)

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Bellissimo. is a project dedicated to glorify the understated.

Looking for style and character in places often ignored, but where people unapologetically follow their strong sense of aesthetic whatever that might be.

Bellissimo. is about people and where they feel they belong, it’s about a place you were not thinking to visit anytime soon, how to get there, what to expect.

In this issue:

Bellissimo. starts its journey in Ostia, the beach of Rome. A place no one but a Roman would choose to go on holiday. Often looked at as an outdated and crude place for summer, anyone with a car would travel further.

We believe that this unique setting and the fascinating characters it attracts makes this marvellous place worth photographing.

Issue one is meant to accompany the reader to the beach. In a light hearted tone of voice the magazine will include a rough guide to the lidi, tips on how to approach the beach and what to expect on arrival.

It will give reader advice on practical issues such as how to take the perfect holiday picture and how to speak the local lingo.

In the first issue respected actor, beauty contest presenter and all round local star Angelo Blasetti is commissioned as the special guest writer to disclose the hidden most romantic spots of Ostia.

Born and bred a Roman, Angelo has lived in the area all of his life and is well known throughout the Italian entertainment industry. Largely famous for his colourful beauty contest introductions and jokes, Angelo is a highly charismatic character and an idol for some residents.

A romantic at heart, Angelo will guide you from your perfect sunset walk to the most charming evening out in Ostia.


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