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The line is long and full of guests who desperately want to get in to Berghain, the Berlin techno club infamous around the world for being a temple of hedonistic indulgence. Some say it’s the best club in the world — but to get inside one must first get past the notoriously picky doorman. And this mein freund, is where you come into the picture! As one of the club’s legendary bouncers, it’s your job to foster the right mix. Choose between two game modes depending on if you like it quick and dirty or if an all-nighter is more your thing.

Bergnein is a fast and fun game that mixes strategy and luck, that both non-gamers and game night veterans can enjoy. With mechanics inspired by Guillotine but with a more culturally relevant theme, the game takes place in the line of the world’s perhaps most notorious night club.

Players take turns as the bouncer, letting the right people in and sabotaging their opponents. Guest cards form a line in front of the Bouncer card, and they score between –2 and +5. Players are given Action Cards which manipulate the line order right before letting guests in, which is what makes the game interesting, dynamic – and fun! The player with the best guests (most points) when the line is empty, wins the game.

A fast and fun queue management game for 2–6 players where games last 10–60 minutes. Anyone 10 or older can play, but as the game has drug references the age any specific kid will be allowed to play is up to ze parents.


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