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Breathe, Issue 19

149 SEK
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Breathe magazine is the original mindfulness mag for a calmer and more relaxed you. This body-and-soul guide to a happier, healthier life includes 5 sections – wellbeing, living, mindfulness, creativity and escape. The aim of Breathe magazine is to help you “make more time for yourself”. Each issue includes beautiful illustrations, craft projects, and inspiring features such as how to achieve relief from stress, increase resilience and find greater happiness.

In thus issue:

‘Do what you want to do.’ On the face of it, it seems a benign (if overused) statement. But what if what you really want to do challenges or goes against society’s norms? In this case, ‘Do what you want to do’ can suddenly feel contentious, complicated and even fraught with difficulty.

It doesn’t matter if what you want to do is wear ‘age-inappropriate’ clothes, grieve for a stranger, or to stop treating friends and family to gifts that frighten the purse and prick the conscience, any behaviour that goes against the grain invariably raises a few eyebrows (if not the many).

Ignoring such looks of disapprobation or (to be kinder) confusion takes determination, but that’s not all. It requires self-permission and self-trust to be true to who you are and to allow yourself to do your own thing.

This doesn’t mean trampling over others’ beliefs nor does it assume the superiority of one path over another, but it does embrace a wonderful world of difference in which there are myriad ways to find happiness. Give yourself permission to explore them.


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