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Deco Room With Plants Here And There

295 SEK
Sold out.

Acclaimed artist/designer Satoshi Kawamoto, in his third book with BNN, explores how to turn a drab 300-square-foot living space into a living and breathing park! The refined design skills of this master of interior greening are displayed in Deco Room with Plants in diorama-like green spaces in domestic habitats, restaurants and a variety of small businesses. This third book is a true delight and a valued addition to Kawamoto s vision. For the first time we see before-and-after images of spaces he transformed into corners of pure plant bliss, together with images of his Green Fingers shops in New York and Japan. As with the other volumes, the visuals are so descriptive and informative that the limited English translation does not interfere with our enjoyment of worlds that remind us never to forget Mother Nature!


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