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Dough, No.1 – Money and Banking

235 SEK
Sold out.

Dough is a playfully researched publication that attempts to demystify complex political and economic phenomena through a “meme-ed” lens — if that makes sense. Through eccentric visual storytelling, (sometimes) insipid humour and forthcoming naivety, Dough Magazine seeks to equip an overly stimulated generation of Tiktoker’s and Econ majors to better interact with the complex systems they unknowingly touch everyday.

Issue #1 is an unsophisticated exploration into the formal yet somehow degenerate world of money and banking. From money’s original conception and the world’s very first banker, all the way to social media “flex culture” and The Jetsons economic system — it’ll cover it all. Warning: Some material may be inappropriate for boomers.


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