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Fanzine137 – 25.137: Never T2O Late (Vol. 2)

325 SEK
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Fanzine137 is an independent publication about art, image, fashion and people made in Spain by Luis Venegas. Fanzine137 is considered a kind of best-kept-secret for insiders, for all those people who love images and enjoy looking for special projects in printed paper.
Fanzine137 style mixes top-names personal artwork with young talents on the verge of discovery, alongside legendary artists rarely featured in today’s magazines. With each new issue a new theme is explored by the contributours, allowing their own creative freedom to sculpt the content.

Ever since the launch of Monocle in 2007 this highly successful global magazine and media brand has championed a clear and new take on the world of work. It has encouraged its readers to start their own businesses, do the thing that makes them feel fulfilled (even if it means ditching a comfortable corporate salary), and find places to build their HQ that deliver a good quality of life too.

In this issue:

Among others, this new issue features works from:
Nan Goldin
Steven Klein
Inez & Vinoodh
Jason Ebeyer
Lia Clay Miller
Sheila Metzner
Richard Avedon
Sofia Malamute
Stewart Shining
Daragh Soden
Rebekah Campbell
Zac Bayly
Alessio Boni
Sawyer Devuyst
Leo Rydell Jost
… and more!

Please note: magazine cover varies and particular cover cannot not be specified for order.


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