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Frankie, Issue 94

259 SEK
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Frankie is the thinking girl’s guide to everything that’s good in the worlds of fashion, craft, music, film, illustration and pretty much anything else worth checking out. An adorable Australian title that continues to flourish thanks to a fiercely loyal readership, Frankie was crowned both Australian Magazine of the Year and Australian Fashion Magazine of the Year at the 2012 Australia Magazine Awards.

In this issue:
are you ready for this, frankie fellows? issue 94 is officially on sale, and it’s got loads inside to keep your eyes and grey matter happy. first up, there’s a theatre company whose plays are held entirely in the dark, plus a fellow in germany who collects ‘ugly’ ceramic clocks. (though we reckon they’re actually pretty nice-looking.) we teach you the basics of wine appreciation – terroir, tannins and mouthfeel included – and visit a thriving ballet school in the centre of a brazilian slum. also on the agenda: a tale of (briefly) going viral, dresses so nice you could hang them in a gallery, and a scrummy recipe for turkish delight. add to that some incredible glass art, oodles of rad sunnies and tips on feeling like you have your shit together (even when you don’t), and your reading material is sorted for the next two months.


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