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Hart, Issue 1

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E-mail when item is available for order
We are queer, loud and visible. This magazine was made to provide a platform for rather unconventional beauty, to showcase art, queer aesthetics and to create a visual diary of our lives in Berlin.
For the first issue of HART we shot editorials using fetish gear, functional clothing and haute couture. It is our challenge to bring together Berlin based designers and international high end brands, to prove how exciting the creative people are in the city we love. But we don’t want to stop here. We travelled to Riga to visit the only gay club the Latvian scene has, and talked to the stars of this micro cosmos about being visible, and how important their safe spaces are.
Along our journey creating this issue we met amazing people, all one of a kind and part of the queer subculture which, in the newer past, has undoubtedly shaped our culture. We are showing the obscure, free and creative relationship between the body, fetish and sexuality. Exploring the border between fashion and fetish, we stepped over genre categories to explore a realm  that disturbs society’s comfort zone. Not following trends but disecting them, this magazine is an analysis of our age.

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