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her. Magazine, Volume 11 (Celeste)

225 SEK
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her. magazine showcases the world’s most charismatic and cosmopolitan female talent, incorporating women from fashion, art and other engaging industries. What do you get when you combine inspirational women with groundbreaking fashion from across the globe? A new lifestyle bible to rival them all.

In this issue:
Entering the sixth year of her. magazine we decided to give birth to a new look for the magazine highlighted by the new logo. Further emphasising the re-launch we have released four covers for the new issue, Riley Reid, Nana Komatsu, Softest hard and Celeste all featured in the own unique way. Further more we have content on The naked Director star Misato Morita, Anna Brewster who recently appeared in The last days of American Crime and Italian actor Marianna Fontana. In addition with have think pieces of talented musicians JGrrey, Lolo Zouai and Genevieve Artdai while we take a look at the latest collection from noir kei ninomiya, Sara Lanzi and other seasonal editorials shoot in Tokyo and London.



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