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Imagicasa, Summer 2021

195 SEK
Sold out.

Imagicasa strives to highlight exceptional and luxurious national and international projects on topics such as architecture, design, art, cars, hotels and an overall luxury lifestyle. The creation of iconic furniture designs, the history of vintage cars and the latest yacht designs are also given a place at Imagicasa.

Imagicasa is a bible for design addicts who want to find inspiration as well as information in one place. This inspirational magazine wants to surprise readers even more regularly with the most beautiful interiors, most innovative developments and progressive art.

In this issue:

Summer is here, and so is the freedom to enjoy all the beautiful things in life, including a new edition of Imagicasa. The perfect reading material for a relaxing afternoon in the sun, or a pleasant way to dream away on a rainy day. We take you from Belgium to the Netherlands, France and Portugal and even to Russia, New Zealand and Bali. A true journey around the world, and one that’s fully Covid-safe. Relax completely with atmospheric subjects and images that radiate tranquillity, light, space and freedom, which we all deserve after another challenging first half of the year.


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