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Juxtapoz, Issue 229 – Spring 2024

229 SEK
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Release date: April 15, 2024

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Publishing art that inspires and provokes, the acclaimed, independantly published art and design mag Juxtapoz shakes the establishment, loosening conventions and ideas. Holding back on the essays but notching up practical articles and tips that matter, Juxtapoz provides artists from all the mediums with a platform that enourages discussion, thought and exploration. Essential reading for adventurous artists and art professionals.

In this issue:
The latest edition for Spring 2024 looks familiar – Juxtapoz has returned to their original, slightly smaller size as they contemplate the role of space. Editor Evan Pricco writes: ‘We wanted to take up less physical space while expanding what it means to have a place in your life.’

Find inside explorations of who gets to claim space, the privilege of having a safe space, and how space is controlled; plus, interviews with Christian Rex van Minnen, Jean Jullien, Jameson Green, Maud Madsen, and more.


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