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Law, Issue 8

199 SEK
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LAW stands for Lives & Works.

It is the title of an umbrella, a bomb shelter for creative collaboration between the talented youth of today with grit in their teeth and something to say.

‘Art is not about categories, it’s about making an idea happen and using whatever medium is appropriate for the idea at that moment’ Man Ray

The platform will be a brand new limited edition bi-annual magazine, a portrayal of the beautiful everyday, lying right under noses that were so busy searching they forgot to notice. Style is everywhere; it is an act or gesture, an accent or slur or slang, the latest dog, the smoker’s cigarette, short hair is the new long hair; if you couldn’t care you still care. It is important to describe and distill the time we live in whilst always pushing things forward.

Everyone is equal Everyone is relevant Anyone can make a mark

LAW is concerned with documenting the overlooked and giving people a sense of belonging and recognition that perhaps they wouldn’t normally receive but in no, way shape or form less deserve; style tribes who may not be at the forefront of fashion but have a very particular aesthetic in their own right.

‘I differentiate between fashion and style, I think fashion is an industry and style is an inherent quality and I’m much more interested in style than fashion’ Jason Evans 90s Picture Editor of i-D

LAW is a window into the world of the current-undercurrent that nobody is catching and is therefore of greater importance to document. For how long will 90’s Umbro diamonds and Vauxhall Novas still align the streets, from bottom drawers and charity shops, through used car dealers with luminous stickers along pavements stuck in polka dots? It is vital to build these archives of real characters and historic British traces, before their distinct style changes, shops shut up and their language is lost.

Magazine; an arsenal of weapons

High fashion is so far removed from my life that it is impossible to relate to. I am interested in making fashion accessible by challenging perceptions that it’s an elitist world and showing that it surrounds us all. I hope to appeal to butchers and builders, everyday boys who wouldn’t mind reading a fashion magazine if only they could appreciate and relate to the content.

Every mark ever made has never previously existed. It captures a split second that can never be recreated. LAW provides blank pages of opportunity for contributors acting as a platform for the everyday eye-catchers they believe in, calling them to stand up and be seen.


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