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Les Others, Volume 11 – Delirium

235 SEK
Sold out.

Made for all those in need of a daily deep breath of fresh and creativity, Les Others is a biannual and bilingual publication situated right halfway between a magazine and a beautiful art book.

In this issue:
Accustomed to merely observing great outdoor adventures, we usually imagine the people who perform them as heroes cut from marble, capable of overcoming the impossible: constant danger, extreme temperatures, profound solitude… For this very reason, we claim they’re wired differently than mere mortals.

Described by the men and women performing them however, the experience is often quite different. Distorted reality, hallucinations, phobias, delusions… What happens to our brains when we come into contact with the wilderness isn’t always a pretty sight. Therein lies an immense and intangible territory with roots in psychology, fantasy, imagination…




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