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Northletters, Volume 3

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Northletters throws a light on the Nordic, its stories, its nature, its culture and soul. We meet young adventurers, writers and photographers that come from the North, live in the North, travel through the North or made typical nordic decisions towards a mindful life. The North uncovers the inner calm and hidden truths about ourselves. Northletters Magazine brings together the unmistakably Nordic ideas, feelings and ways of thinking and is a guide to better understand how we can nurture and improve our state of mind and the world we have built around us.

In this issue:
Our homes, gardens, and home landscapes can change our habits, minds, and feelings. They respond to our emotional needs, they touch our souls, they communicate with us. Home is the place where we belong; a deeply reassuring notion. Our homes are a symbol for the process of growing, of leaving something incomplete. They help us to learn to let go, to rest, to accept, to find some peace, finally. And thus growing a garden or a home is an ever-evolving process, yet at the same time it has a grounding and peace-bringing effect. We learn to accept setbacks, to adopt humility, when things turn out beautifully in ways we hadn’t ever expected or planned.

The writers and photographers of NL3 seek solace in the beauty of their homes, gardens, and landscapes, looking for comfort and ease. A home is like a vessel carrying memories, telling intriguing stories about former dinners, owners, hours full of joy or tears, or wonderful days still to come. A home can balance us with a deep sense of security, when we meet it with a gentle respect and understanding.

The smell of wood, the smoke of a fireplace, the evolving morning peace and quiet in the garden—we learn what the place is all about and why this now is our place. Home is landscape, too; the one we derive from, the one we belong to, or the one we found one day, instantly feeling at home.

Our homes set the atmosphere for our lives, the rhythm of our days. We restore human balance, far away from the hectic outside world. They are secure spaces where we never feel lost. Let us explore with our Nordic writers and photographers this magical home feeling.


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