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Odalisque, Issue 13 (Cover B)

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Odalïsque Magazine is a skilfully curated fashion, culture, and art magazine. Artistic and eccentric imagery engages the viewer with a provocative social critique, valuing culture, while remaining in tone with commerce. Intriguing narratives reveal expressive interplay between art, luxury and fashion, where the juxtaposition of creativity and reasoning merges into a cultural symbiosis.

In this issue:

Ever questioned number 13?

In this issue, we celebrate the idea that luck is not a force beyond our control but a product of our efforts and outlook on life.

We meet Alicia Agneson who moved to London at only 15 to pursue her passion for acting, Bloom Twins made the leap from modelling to music, Destinee Ross-Sutton curates groundbreaking exhibitions, and the visionary works of Constance Tenvik are all materialisations of courage and the desire to create one’s luck.

In the pages of this 13th issue, you will discover stories of people who have defied odds, overcome challenges, and carved out their paths to success, proving that luck is something we create for ourselves. They remind us that luck is not about avoiding numbers or any other perceived symbols of ill fate. Rather, it’s about seizing opportunities, embracing risks, and trusting in our ability to shape our destinies.

So here is to embracing the unexpected, defying superstitions, and crafting our own luck.


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