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Plus Magazine, Issue 1 – Journey

225 SEK
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Release date: January 31, 2020

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E-mail when item is available for order
Exploring creatives with mentors and artists.
“Who am I? What is my path? Can I afford to pursue my passion? How do I pursue it?” These are questions many young adults are faced with today and questions hope to help answer. In a world of increasingly abundant options, opinions, and information, the creative world becomes simultaneously more accessible but also more difficult to navigate. With a click of a button, artists can instantaneously offer the world his or her works.
While this may bring unprecedented exposure to the art scene, this also over-saturates the scene with static noise. Split into two groups, mentors and artists, we help recognize established and rising talent in all fields in hopes of finding their common threads. Here, we feature experienced voices to inspire those who are working to find their way; who are trying to make an impact in this complex world.
From photographers regularly featured in Vogue to musicians busking on the streets of New York, we give one and all the same platform, the same opportunity to share their experiences. Questions are catered to delving into each artist’s journey, struggle, future hopes, and inspiration–providing a guideline to a map in their head and more importantly, how they navigated through the arduous process of “making it”. Hence the title and theme of our first issue: “Journey”. We strive to be an outlet that not only highlights people’s creative expression through tangible mediums but also the spirit, the journey, and the lessons that attribute to their identity as an artist and an individual. Here, we seek more; to be more; to help you be more.



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