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Primary Paper, Issue 2

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E-mail when item is available for order

Primary is a new photography magazine exploring the origins of art & image. Through commission and curation, Primary collaborates with emerging and established artists to delve deep on a single theme per issue. The work explores both the every day and the unexpected, embracing diverse perspectives and artistic visions.

In this issue:

The Spring issue looks at the theme of ‘Age’.

Curators Coquito Cassibba and Jessica McGowan saw the increasing relevance of this theme in recent photography and art subjects and wanted to challenge contributors on how they would interpret such a broad subject. The result, a uniquely diverse collection of beautiful, candid and often intimate responses.

Some highlights include a rich monochromatic portrait series by Jack Davison. A candid conversation about experience and family between Chris and Colin Leaman. An insight into the intimate relationship between mother and child by Bec Lorrimer. A photo essay by Lotte van Raalte documenting the visceral journey of growing up. And a liberating fashion editorial featuring Jan de Villeneuve by Markn, styled by Louise Ford.
The issue aims to celebrate the beauty in tradition, wisdom, maturity, youth, change, and experience. While also touching on other themes and ideas such as young love, faith, heritage and self-assurance
through a series of photo essays, interviews and artworks.



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