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Runaway, Issue Three / Portugal

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Runaway  is an independent travel magazine dedicated to the growing community of runners and trailblazers around the world. Our title certainly does intend to convey a sense of rebellious independence, but mainly the pursuit of exploring our world on foot, in the streets, day and night. Each issue is a guide to a different city and seeks to portray its soul and energy. By highlighting characters, current affairs, culture, art, food and grit from a street level, Runaway hopes to serve as an inspiration to run, create and explore…

In this issue:

Running is one of our primal activities besides eating, sleeping, and sex. for survival, humans had to both chase and escape. Runaway started 2018 by exploring the latter. After searching the souls of two of our favorite cities, we felt it was about time to search our own. While the west used to carry the promise of a new age for all seekers of alternatives, Runaway is heading east from Brooklyn—time for a new direction in a changing world. right across the ocean in Portugal we found a great spot for more than California dreaming. While the sheltered mediterranean draws people who are ready to retire, Portugal’s windswept Atlantic coast is perfect for those who need space to breathe. It not only produces some of europe’s biggest waves and has helped define a unique country, it’s also a great place to run.”


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