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Suspira 1: The Monster Issue

225 SEK
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We fear what we don’t know, this much is true. So we create otherworldly creatures to project onto and make sense of our own dread. Sometimes monsters are very real indeed.

The Monster Issue of Suspira faces fears in order to uncover the truths and misconceptions behind the monstrous.

Features include: Strange Love, the romances between humans and monsters; The tragic life of Julia Pastrana, the 19th Century woman who became famous for being born with ‘werewolf syndrome’; A conversation with Cecilia McGough, mental health activist and author of ‘I Am Not a Monster: Schizophrenia’; Sociologist and horror connoisseur Andrea Subissati discusses the evolution of the monster, gender-norms and the representation of women within horror; The Monstrous Female, the mythological women scorned and turned nightmarish for non confirming to patriarchal expectations; The origins of our fear of clowns; The beautifully grotesque art of Horacio Quiroz, and much more.

Enter if you dare…

Suspira is a feminist horror magazine that dissects sinister subjects through a feminine lens. Each themed issue explores an archetype of fear and fascination.


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