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The Bare Minimum, Issue 4

139 SEK
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Release date: December 31, 2020

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The Bare Minimum magazine is a women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine specialising in sustainability and minimalism founded by Abigail Jones in 2017.
We are The Bare Minimum. We are lovers of fashion and lovers of sustainability. We believe that sustainability can be cool. That sustainability didn’t mean what it meant 30 years ago. We believe in making more ethical choices where we can and trying to reduce our harm on the environment and people involved in the fashion industry’s supply chain. We believe that fast fashion has gotten out of hand, that it’s significantly damaging people’s lives and the Earth – we can’t stay silent. We know that sustainability means different things to different people.
We all have our own ways of adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether you’re a long-time sustainability lover, whether you’re entirely zero-waste or whether you’re just keen on your small steps – we’re here for you and your journey matters. We believe in supporting small brands, designers, artists, writers, photographers, creatives and giving them a voice. We hope to educate, explore and inspire sustainability in all of its many forms. We are people who care about fashion and who want to make a difference. You’ll find it all here at The Bare Minimum.

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