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The Flow Book for Paper Lovers 9

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A book with (almost) no text, just paper: that pretty much sums up our renowned Book for Paper Lovers. Each year, we bring out a new book, simply because we happen to be so fond of paper, stationery, stickers, labels, envelopes, posters, fold-outs, streamers and fold-ups.

In this issue:

The book that all paper lovers wait for every year!

Touching the paper, feeling its watermark and fiddling with it is a really nice feeling. This is the Flow Book, every year a hymn to paper and its infinite creative possibilities.
The relaxing power of working with paper, of cutting out, of folding, of leafing through can all be found within the over 300 pages of the ninth Flow Book which, as always, brings together many works and illustrations on paper by creatives from all over the world.

Illustrator Deborah van der Schaaf perfected photographer Danique van Kesteren’s dreamy images and even embroidered some. Designer Elizabeth Olwen created new floral motifs and illustrator Alja Horvat contributed stunning designs.

Inside you will find 300 pages including:

  • Sheets of illustrated paper and cards, prints.
  • Paper for wrapping and paper for covering notebooks.
  • Stickers and labels.
  • A mini cat house
  • Calendar/Planner
  • Cute punch cards
  • and much more!
  • All paper gadgets inside are removable

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