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The Modern House, No.5

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The Modern House is an estate agency that helps people live in more thoughtful and beautiful ways. We believe in design as a powerful force for good. Inspired by the principles of modernism, we represent design-led homes across the UK that pay attention to space, light, materials, nature and decoration. Esquire credits The Modern House with “rewriting the rulebook on estate agency” and GQ voted us “one of the best things in the world”.

In this issue:
See the world afresh with our autumn/winter 2022 magazine. From a visit to John Pawson’s minimally made-over Cotswolds farmhouse to profiles on those at the fore of London’s creative scene, and a vineyard reimagining 21st-century winemaking using ancient agricultural practices, issue No.5 looks at the ways people push things forward by rethinking and reinventing.

In west London, we meet the young architect Fahad Malik, who is reimagining contemporary urban life through a residential scheme with community at its heart. In Suffolk, visual artist Ryan Gander tells of how he adapted a red-brick Georgian building for both his artistic and his accessibility needs – and the modernist cues that inspired the work. As we discovered when we commissioned Canadian artist Gab Bois to remake iconic modernist furniture using food and everyday materials, redesigning for the sheer fun of it can be of enormous value too.

Meanwhile, we are excited to share our own venture into seeing things anew. Earlier this year, we asked our community to send us pictures that represent home to them; now we’re bring the winning submissions to you for our Portfolio piece in this issue. By turns beautiful, intimate, poignant and heart-warming, the images examine the complex and varied emotional relationship we all share with home.


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