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Yearbook of Type Groovy Edition #5 2021/22 (Slanted)

Hardcover, 2021
425 SEK
Sold out.

It’s great to see that more people than ever understand how important typography is. The choice of a typeface and the design of a text can have a dramatic impact on its meaning. Typefaces don’t need words to convey a message. The responsibility for graphic designers in choosing the right typeface is therefore crucial. But how do you find the right typeface in the infinite universe of possibilities? The Yearbook of Type 2021 / 22 makes it easy to get an overview of recently published typefaces from around the world while understanding their visual language.

Each typeface and -family is presented on a double-page spread. On the left side, a specimen gives an idea of possible applications and shows the beauty and character of each typeface. This year’s theme is music. As music conveys emotions through melodies and lyrics, typography does so through its form and balance of letters. The right page provides detailed information about the designers and foundries, as well as an overview of the typefaces’ features.

The Yearbook of Type is complemented by a series of essays that offer background information about typography, history, technical details and how-to guides, and the latest trends in current type design. An index sorts typefaces by classifications, besides listing designers, foundries, and OpenType features. Last but not least, an online microsite presents all featured fonts, so that users can test or purchase them.

Feel inspired and listen to type, the soundtrack of our lives!

The highlights in short:

  • Detailed presentation of 192 recent typefaces
  • Extensive background information
  • Index of typeface classifications
  • Index of all 201 type designers and 105 foundries from 33 countries
  • Explanation of all OpenType features
  • Introduction by Veronika Burian
  • Essays and tutorials by Murat Çil, Matthieu Cortat, and Eva Kubinyi
  • Online microsite linking the typefaces to the foundries’ websites

Presented type foundries: 205TF, 29Letters / 29LT, 3type, A2-TYPE, Abstract Office, AG Typography, AinsiFont, Alexander Slobzheninov, Antipixel Type Studio, APK Type, ATS Type, Atypical, Binnenland Type Foundry, Blaze Type, Bonez Designz, BrassFonts, Bureau Roffa, Bureau Sebastian Moock, bvhtype, Canada Type, Cape Arcona Type Foundry, CAST, Cinetype, Collletttivo, CSTM Fonts, Degarism Studio, DSType, Due Studio, ECAL Typefaces, Fabio Haag Type, Floodfonts, Fontador, FontPeople Ltd, Fontwerk, FSdesign, Gradient Type, Gurup Stüdyo, HvD Fonts, In-House International, Jeremy Tankard Typography, Julien Fincker, Kanon Foundry, Kimmy Design, Kontour, La Bolde Vita, Laïc: Type Foundry, Latinotype, Lazydogs Typefoundry, Leo Colalillo, Letter Palette Foundry, lo-ol type, Los Andes Type, Lukas Diemling, Lux Typographic + Design, make type not war!, Manuel von Gebhardi, Mark Simonson Studio, Mark van Leeuwen, Michal Tornyai, Morisawa, NEW LETTERS, Nootype, Nort, Nova Type Foundry, Occupant Fonts, P22 Type Foundry, Pangram Pangram, Paratype, Peggo Fonts, Petra Wöhrmann, PSY/OPS, R9 Type+Design, Sacha Rein, Sandoll Inc., Schriftlabor, Sharp Type Co., Six, Stan Hema, Studio Rene Bieder, Sudtipos, sugargliderz, Superior Type, Synthview Type Design, The Foundry Types, The Ivy Foundry, TipografiaRamis, Tipografies, TipoType, Tour de Force Font Foundry, Typedifferent, TypeMates, Typerotation, Typetanic Fonts, TypeTogether, TypeType, Typogama, Typografische, Underscore, Vetterle Kommunikationdesign, Wannatype, WELTKERN, WiseType, Zetafonts Foundry

  • ISBN: 9783981829624
  • Language: English
  • Year: 2021
  • Pages: 440

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