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10 Men – Issue 56, Autumn/Winter 2022

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10 Men is an independent, free-thinking male style magazine, offering the ultimate in luxury fashion. 10 Men focuses on the ever-changing worlds of fashion and contemporary art, creating a style bible that stands at the cutting edge of the luxury market.

In this issue:

10 Men: These are the two words that have become the main inspiration for this issue. They trigger so much emotion and hope. It seems simple, attainable and truly possible to manifest something this straightforward. The reality, though, is very far away from this, as the terrible Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, proves. We were all shocked, stunned and horrified that this had now become our world. How could this be possible, after such sadness and loss globally, with Covid bringing deaths, illness and so much pain? The invasion just seemed unfathomable. This issue tries to reflect our collective desire to find hope from despair and explore joy in so much of the editorial.


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