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Atlas of Imagined Cities

Hardcover, 2023
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From the Ghostbusters HQ in New York to Nemo’s fish tank in Sydney, from the Phantom of the Opera’s Parisian lair to scenes from Grand Theft Auto in LA, this is an amazing atlas of imaginary locations in real-life cities around the world. Locations from film, TV, books, computer games and comics are ingeniously plotted on a series of beautiful vintage-looking maps.

Feauturing 14 of the world’s greatest cities, the maps show exactly where your favourite characters lived, loved, worked and played, and where iconic scenes took place. The locations have been painstakingly tracked down, mapped, annotated and wittily divulged by the authors, and an extensive index helps you find them all. Within the pages of this book, you’ll discover:

• Where in London super-spies James Bond and George Smiley are neighbours.
• The exact route of the exciting San Francisco car chase in Bullitt.
• The Tokyo homes of all the magical girls from the classic Sailor Moon anime.
and many more fascinating locations drawn from the world’s imagination.

Accompanying the maps are illuminating essays that explain how the authors came to their decisions, along with explorations of the key locations and fun timelines of imaginary events. Find out how to get to Sesame Street, where to join Starfleet and thousands of other places besides, in this indispensable guidebook to all those places you always wanted to visit – if only they were real.

  • ISBN: 9781849947787
  • Publisher: Batsford
  • Language: English
  • Year: 2023
  • Pages: 144

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