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Backstage Talks, Issue 5

245 SEK
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Backstage Talks is an interview magazine about how design can change business for better by making it both useful and beautiful. Filled with a number of engrossing interviews and essays by leading creatives and designers.

In this Issue:

Backstage Talks 5 | Life can easily feel too fast or too slow. But how can we find the right pace? We went looking for answers with some of the world’s best creatives, researchers and strategists.

In this issue, you can look forward to 5 essays on work, time and pace. Further in the quick ‘To the point’ section, we asked 9 of the people whose work we admire 3 questions on how they manage their time. Read the answers from Shantell Martin, Khoi Vinh, Veronica Ditting, Scott Dadich, Milota Sidorova, Dean Poole, Henrieta Moravcikova, John Maeda, and Sara Hilden-Bengtsson. And in ‘The hidden gem’ section — A gallery of works by one of the most significant Slovak architects, Vladimír Dedecek.

Plus 12 long-read interviews:

  • With illustrator Jean Jullien about building a life-long career in the industry obsessed with newness.
  • With Pentagram New York partner Eddie Opara about why design is about creating systems, not solving problems.
  • With designer Suzy Tuxen on the false economy of overtime culture.
  • With Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK, on why we shouldn’t assume people act rationally.
  • With Marina Willer — designer, filmmaker, and partner at Pentagram London — on giving ourselves the chance to appreciate the little things and helping others reflect on life through our work.
  • With Jenni Rommaniuk, who has spent decades researching what makes a successful brand: “If you don’t have metrics, how is anyone supposed to believe you?”
  • With Francesco Franchi about the future of printed press, the feeling of reading a newspaper and how printed press became a status symbol.
  • With Game UX researcher Graham McAllister about how big budget games crash on lack of feedback during development, misaligned teams and, simply, being boring.
  • With Lance Wyman, who revolutionised the use of symbols with his legendary identity for the 1968 Olympics in Mexico, we spoke about understanding different cultures and why he is not planning to retire anytime soon.
  • With Lou Downe, on fixing badly designed government services — the biggest unnecessary cost to the UK taxpayer.
  • With ReD Associates on asking the right questions and conducting rigorous ethnographic research to help companies navigate their strategy in changing and challenging times.
  • With Gail Bichler on her fast-paced, social, ambitious, exhilarating, stressful, amazing, and experimental role as the Design Director of The New York Times Magazine.



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