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C-Heads, vol.38 – The Art of Slowing Down

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Since 2006. Made by women. In print and online the Austria / Berlin based magazine founded by the two sisters Christine and Sigrun is all about photography, fashion, music, travel, art, youth-culture and thought-provoking texts from all over the word. We all become witnesses of our times. We are young and reckless. We are wild and free.

In this issue:

This issue, we dedicate to the art of slowing down, retreating from the harsh din of the outside world, and the joy of crafting. Feel the freedom from society‘s temporal constraints, a freedom that allows you to immerse yourself in what you do. Take a deep breath. Trust in your unique rhythm. Welcome the uncertain. Making things mirrors the journey of life. It‘s more about the process than the outcome. It requires patience, the ability to bear vulnerability, the courage to face the fear of failure, and the boldness to venture forth. Things don‘t always go according to plan and mistakes are made. Not everything is within your control, but you can learn to get better with practice. Enjoy the journey. Growth and learning need time.


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