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Dapper Dan Magazine, Issue 23 – Spring/Summer 2021

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Dapper Dan is a new men’s magazine that is interested in inspiration, not novelty; in looking good on one’s own terms rather than being spoon-fed trends. It is created in Athens, Greece, by an international team and published twice a year, spanning fashion, culture and philosophy through striking photography and thoughtful texts. Eschewing the clichéd rules of men’s magazines, it follows a spirit, not a format. Dapper Dan is for the man who doesn’t feel he should have to be like everybody else.

In this issue:

Dapper Dan 23 | In the absence of physical touch, the imagination flourishes. Spending time apart and away from each other, we crave connection and seek it in new forms.

Dapper Dan Magazine’s 23rd issue moves away from the real and the physical, and into the subconscious. In essays on Fashion as Cinema, Your Wildest Dreams, The Art of Solitary Pastimes and Small Albeit Grand Thefts, we’re thinking about pathways to creativity, the power of desire, and the radical potential of space.

Through interviews with writer and artist Panagiotis Chatzistefanou, writer Caleb Azumah Nelson, music producer Jim-E Stack, restaurateurs Jeremy Chan and Iré Hassan-Odukale, costume designer Sandy Powell, artist Olivier de Sagazan, and more we explore passion and craft with intimacy and intrigue.

Through fashion imagery, portraiture, art and costume, the pages of our magazine expand the mind.
What you see is only the surface. The subliminal is sublime.



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