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Document Journal, Issue No.16 – Spring/Summer 2020

349 SEK
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Release date: December 31, 2020

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Document Journal is a spontaneous labor of love; a beautiful visual stream of consciousness forged by an incredibly talented team. Eash issue’s theme emerges subconsciously from complex collage of documents and their creators. With over 300 pages, this magazine is the only independent semi-annual journal in the U.S., featuring the best of each season in photography and writing.

In this issue:

For Document Spring/Summer 2020, we map the course of the world around us—only to arrive at a cultural and social precipice. With global economies on hold, we are living in a surreal, new landscape that has separated us from one another even as it has brought us closer together.

Daily life may be on pause, but artists and creative minds are busier than ever. Creative expression has a unique ability to shine a light on our shared experiences. As Louis Fratino reminds us in his conversation with actor Russell Tovey, “Art is so much about affirming life. Normal life has become something that people are yearning for so badly, so art with life-affirming qualities becomes that much more precious.”

Document No. 16 features covers created by Willy Vanderperre and Olivier Rizzo, Mario Sorrenti and Sarah Richardson, Venetia Scott, Richard Bush, and painter Amoako Boafo. Much of the issue’s production took place prior to the onset of COVID-19, so to acknowledge the gravity of this unprecedented time, Document is featuring special limited edition covers, created by artists in response to the global pandemic, from abstract painter Christopher Wool, multi-disciplinary Virgil Abloh, visionary conceptual artist Mel Bochner, Native American artist and activist Edgar Heap of Birds, and pioneering

Please note: magazine cover varies and particular cover cannot not be specified for order.


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