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Dust, Issue 15

225 SEK
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E-mail when item is available for order

In the industrial cities, tiny little particles flutter in suspension, coming from industries, cars and even sometimes from hydroelectric power stations: it’s the DUST. Hidden, silent, omnipresent in our lives, it lands everywhere: the house, the roof, among the hair, between the fingers….

DUST is a new refreshing fashion & art magazine. With a biannual publishing frequency, Dust was born in early 2010 with the desire to provide a new and different point of view to the fashion magazine market.

We feel the need of filling the gaps that the rest of magazines leave, fighting in a certain way, against the increasingly stronger elitist spirit of the publishing world.

We bet and support artist’s collaborations, whether they are anonymous or upcoming ones, we’d like to search new talents, since we are interested on the real quality of their work, and not only on the name of the people who made it.

We want artists to feel completely free to develop and vent their own needs so they can create their works without any fear or vain censures. We will go deep into the artist’s world, interviewing and meeting them, in order to get a real knowledge of their creations and personality. We want fashion to become something much closer to an artistic point of view than to a commercial atmosphere, as we consider it as a path for creation and not the opposite.

That’s why we are not interested in the collection’s date, or the suitable time for promotion since we consider that art and fashion are always contemporary. DUST is a London based magazine, even if it’s made and produced in different cities around the world, such as New York, Madrid, Berlin, Milan and Paris by a specific team of creative minds that want to renew the current situation with this new thriving project.

In this issue:

( Contributors )

Jeff Bark / Alessio Boni / Coco Capitзn
Salvatore Caputo / Fabio Cherstich / Lea Colombo / Vito Fernicola / Ellie Grace Cumming / Ileana Alkistis Giannakoura / Ronan Gallagher / Anthony Goicolea / Jacob K. / Giovanni Dario Laudicina / Brett Lloyd / Gareth Mcconnel / Alessandro Michele / Mauricio / Nardi / Catherine Opie / Stefano Pilati / Luigi Presicce / Francesco Risso / Olivier Rizzo / Reto Schmid / Casper Sejersen / Jerry Stafford / Lorenzo Tano / James Valeri / Danielle Van Camp / Tom Van Dorpe / Willy Vanderperre / Ari Versluis / Patricia Villirillo / Inez And Vinoodh / Patrick Welde

( Conversations )

Alban Adam / Barbara Alberti / Dario Argento / Asia Argento / Jacopo Bedussi
Federico Curradi / Alessio De Navasques / Francesco Di Napoli / Milovan Farronato
Maurizio Fiorino / Romeo Gigli / Nam Satya Kaur / Vito Mancuso / Luca Pacilio / Marco Panconesi / Gaia Repossi / Virginia Ricci / Francesco Risso / Michele Rizzo / Isabella Santacroce / Rocco Siffredi / Sadhana Singh / Harald Smart / Luca Sofri



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