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Editorial Magazine, Issue 20

235 SEK
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The Editorial Magazine is an independently run publication of art and fashion.

In this issue:

Contributors In Order Of Appearance:

Ian Grandjean
Kiera Mcnally
Tom Jones
Oda Iselin Sønderland
Pretty Sick
Siam Coy
Erika Houle
Julia Kennedy
Dr. Phoebe Friesen
Gina Fischli
Zoe Koke
Natasha Stagg
Jody Rogac
Tatum Dooley
Jordan Minkoff
False Witness
Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.
Cole Lu
Gage Lindsten
Fariha Roisin
Rebecca Storm
Liara Roux
Bao Ngô
Whitney Mallett
Thomas Barger
Olivia Whittick
Acacio Ortas
The Garden
Yuki Kikuchi
Henry Gunderson
Dustin Henry
Athena Quispe
Yaniya Lee
Genieve Figgis
Claire Milbrath
Kate Howells
Kalen Hollomon
Bonnie Lucas
Tiana Reid
Whitney Mallett
Claudia Mate
Petra Collins
Jenny Fax
Masako Ogura
Spiral Theory Test Kitchen
Jeffrey Kriksciun
Taylore Scarabelli
Le Ren
Jill Schweber
Ricky Johnson
Maya Fuhr
Juliann Mccandless
Natasha Romano
Tom Keating
Darby Milbrath
Weed Slut
Caity Lee
Jonny Negron

9×11 inches, full colour, 100 pages

Please note: magazine cover varies and particular cover cannot not be specified for order.


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