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GROSS Magazine, Volume One – The Introduction

379 SEK
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E-mail when item is available for order

GROSS Magazine is a new publication of stickers that is hoping to keep the craft alive and kicking. Its first volume is inspired by the beginnings of artists, when creatives were still wide-eyed and had no clue what they were doing. The founders have rounded up contributions from a range of diverse creatives, including the likes of Aaron De La Cruz, Barney Cools, A-Trak and more. “We’ve been puttin’ in work on this sucker for almost two years, and it’s always been our goal to recognize and highlight the amazing minds and creativity of artists in the most visually intoxicating way possible,” says Victor Gonzalez, director of operations at GROSS.

In this issue:
The running theme for VOL. 1 is ‘The Introduction’. Since we’re entering a new era of our own, we thought it fitting to ask our contributors to reflect on their early experiences for this first issue; when they had no clue what they were doing and their desire to explore was what pushed them to proceed. We searched far and wide to find contributors who are diverse in disciplines and had them answer kooky questions, fill out inventive worksheets and draw us pictures to bring you the most original content, stickers and photos.


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