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Headlight Journal, Vol.2

149 SEK
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Headlight Journal is where the brightest minds of our generation open up their hearts and homes, and invite us in for a chat. The conversations tend to go in many directions, but are always centered around the question we constantly ask ourselves and others: How’s work?

Headlight is our moonshot ambition to make work better for the many. We deeply want to change people’s approach to work forever, and we’re currently creating the world’s most interesting community of like minded think-doers who have decided that there’s room for improvement.

In this issue:

If anyone tries to convince you that starting and running a business is easy, just hand them this issue of Headlight Journal. It’ll change their mind for the better. This magazine grapples with the question “how’s work?” and is not afraid to face the brutally honest answers.

In this issue, politician Ida Auken shares her story of being overcome by a stressful work schedule; Mette Østergaard, Chief Editor of Berlingske, talks about integrity and making painful decisions. Speaking to CEO Soulaima Gourani, we discuss power relations and braving a difficult childhood to become a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Elsewhere in California we check in with car designer Henrik Fisker to learn what it takes to launch an electric car company these days; and Henrik Teisbæk takes us through the difficult and meteoric rise of his groundbreaking technology venture. In a personal essay, My Laub offers us a glimpse into the world of mental illness, while photographer Elizabeth Heltoft turns her lens on six decades of iconic office supplies.

Cover images are by photographer Peter Funch from his iconic series Babel Tales.



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