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Holiday, Issue 379 – The California Issue

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Between 1946 and 1977, Holiday was one of the most exciting magazines in the United States. Reknowned for its fun layout, its challenging choice of photographers, and the aura of its writers, Holiday was telling about the world like no other magazine. Its strength ? Sending a writer and a photographer to a singular destination, distant or nearby, and asking them to tell from their point of view without constraints of style, objectiveness or length. Nor budgetary limit. At the top of its game, the magazine had more than a million subscribers.

Today, 37 years after, Holiday returns at the instigation of the Atelier Franck Durand. This new Holiday wants to capture the essence, the esthetic demands and the sense of journalistic adventure of its original version. A mixed magazine, blending fashion and reporting, Holiday remains demanding regarding both pictures and stories.

Hence, through Holiday, its coverages, fashion editorials or porfolios, reknowned photographers will mix with emerging talents with strong imagery. Main stories will be written by top names, journalists or writers. Finally, the idea of sending a writer on an extended report to deliver his or her vision of a place will remain the underlying theme linking the original Holiday to its new version.

Holiday is a magazine written in english, but it’s heart is french. The team who conceives, designs and produces it is based in Paris.

In this issue:
When the French touch down in LA, particularly vivid sparks fly. Ask Hedi Slimane. Or for that matter Carine Roitfeld perched at a table at Mauro’s a Fred Segal’s. Or you could quiz Michele Lamy of Le Deux Cafe infamy about the connection between Bruce LaBruce La and the Rick Owens of Rue Royale. Extending that tradition is the gorgeous new issue of Holiday which ventures to California to discover what truths lay under the glare of its mythical aura. There Bruce Weber trains his lens on the cowboy culture of the West; Roe Ethridge glorifies its landscape and Suffo Moncloa captures the spirit of the Los Angeles nights.

Joan Didion’s “Notes from a Native Daughter” returns to the pages of Holiday as relevant today as it was when it was first published over fifty years ago. Legendary film producer Art Linson fondly remembers growing up at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood; Christopher Simon Sykes illuminates David Hockney’s early days in LA; Charlotte Cotton speaks to photographer Bruce Davidson; model Edie Campbell imagines a sinister and haunting Los Angeles; and Marie Eugene journeys to the Salton Sea. Culinary icon Alice Waters converses with Daniel de La Falaise; writer Cody Delistraty seeks New Age enlightenment on the cliffs of Big Sur; François Blet gets lost in San Francisco’s alleys; and a secret beach town is the setting for a piece of new fiction by guest-editor Molly de La Falaise.




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