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Hometown Journal, Episode 3

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It started as a magazine, but it came out as a book after one year of work. On 211 pages with many features and different paper stocks, this episode discovers how important it is to look beyond yourself. Together with a collection of artists from all around the globe, we reflect upon our society and how it influences everything we do and create. How it inspires us and how we can all participate in making it evolve. Episode 3 is meant to educate and unify, lifting taboos on unspoken topics that concern us all.

Featuring art from:

John Goodman, Chas Gerretsen, Lisa Sorgini, Colossale Productions, Niko Krijno, Antimimosa, Torbjørn Rodland, Max Pinckers, George Wylesol, Haitham Haddad, Melissa Alcena, Silvana Trevale, Cedric Schanze, Spoon Jackson, Ugo Martinez, Nadia Marquard Otzen, STCKMAN

Welcome to a new Episode of Hometown!

Our philosophy:
What makes us human? What makes us creatives? And at what cost? This issue of Hometown Journal attempts to lift the veil a bit further. To look inside. To learn more about what makes us who we are. It dives into creative processes and what it means to get stuck. It takes notice of our sexuality, our emotions, and our inner cage while questioning our beliefs and ultimately ourselves. We are a team with a vision. Hometown Journal shouldn’t be just another magazine in the cycle, we want to create a community around it. To bring creatives together, who share the passion and inspire each other. To create such a community people need to know that we exist. We hope to find in you a new home for our hometown and for that spread the seed to let our community grow.


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