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Idn #26.4 – Game Art Graphics

225 SEK
Upcoming product
Release date: April 30, 2021

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IdN caters for digital content creators and those who dig the Image. Gathering an impressive following from all corners of the globe, the mag has been heralded as the essential resource or those working or studying within the world of design, and it’s not hard to see why. The newest releases in design technology make this a valuable destination for your software, media and design needs.

In this issue:

Let the Games Begin!

You may imagine that it would take a veritable army of artists, programmers and designers in order to make a game “happen”. That’s not entirely true, some of the contributors have worked with just a few other people. But certain roles are indispensable.

In this issue, we have gathered together a roll-call of more than 30 masterminds who make the visuals for these games as stunning as they can be to capture your mind and imagination. They have kindly shared their thoughts about game art design, and attempted to foresee what the “next big thing” might be.


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