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It’s Freezing in LA!, Issue 11 – Plants

149 SEK
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IFLA! is a new independent magazine with a fresh perspective on climate change. Too often, environmental discussion is polarised into one of two categories: the remote, technical language of science, or the hotheaded outrage of activism. This magazine finds the middle ground, inviting writers and illustrators from a variety of fields to give us their take on how climate change will affect — and is affecting — society. We want to help untangle the climate tensions and choices that our generation will have to navigate by platforming as many different perspectives as we can find. IFLA! provides original, engaging and surprising content that you will want to read — widening environmental discussion and offering a range of vocabulary and insights not found elsewhere.

In this issue:

“In our milestone tenth issue, we explore the many lessons, both ‘bad’ and ‘good’, that emerge from our relationships with plants and ecosystems.

We cover the polluters, technocrats and companies erasing critically important green and blue spaces. Then, we turn to new ideas and alternative conceptions of ecological systems. Across both we move through space and time: from colonial Botanic Gardens in India and generations of family farmers in Latvia to modern Silicon Valley pundits.

We’re excited to see how stories and ideas in this ‘Plants’ issue influence your own sense of the greenery around you.”


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