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JDEED Magazine, Issue 7 – Love and Dialogues (Cover A)

225 SEK
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Creativity, ideas, talent. The Middle-East is taking a step away from evening-gowns and all things glitter.

Communal art space in Dubai, androgynous collections made in Bahrain, multiple design formations displayed in universities across the Gulf countries: a fresh gust of innovation is hitting the region, a contemporary mix between daring concepts and an Oud-infused atmosphere.

Jdeed, Arabic for new. The new that is being witnessed, more and more everyday. Fashion designers, photographers, painters, street artists: our aim at JDEED Magazine is to gather the new talents of today and tomorrow. We aspire to unveil a side of the Arab World as you have never seen it before.

In this issue:

Artist Palestinian-Australian Sarah Bahbah is on the cover, shot by Cindy Kimberly in Los Angeles. Bahbah has made a name for herself with the series “Sex and takeout” , her videolips directed for star DJ Kygo, her collabs with Gucci and more.
In a time where technologies are what bring us closer than ever, we wanted to investigate on how communications have been impacted and how when there’s love, there’s always a way. In this issue, we interview Valentina Ignatova of brand By Far, Camille Jarmon and Maya Chantout of Parisian label Mirae but also Layla Kardan and Rabih Rowell, Ahmad Daabas and Ghassan Kayed, Lamia Dahmash and Lana Qatramiz, hosted Nikki Meftah and Dima Abdul Kader of EMERGEAST as special guest editors and much more.


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