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Mundial, Issue 16 (Kylian)

149 SEK
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Release date: December 28, 2018

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E-mail when item is available for order

Mundial is a quarterly world football/lifestyle publication. It talks about all the bits of football that you still like. Travel, clothes, haircuts, big, old stadiums and everything else that isn’t a heat-map or pass completion stat.

In this issue:
We’re never anything but unfailingly honest with you, and four weeks ago our big name cover star dropped out for reasons that we can’t speak about but, well, we had to laugh. You have to laugh, don’t you?

But this allowed us to sit down and think about how much 2018 had reminded us why we love football. Not just because of The World Cup, but because of strange goals and funny celebrations, dogs with jobs and fan movements, the brilliance of individuals and the strength of the collective. We’re very proud of the 16 pages that celebrate a belting year, and we couldn’t think of two better people to stick on the covers than Gareth Southgate and Kylian Mbappé, who have both reached legendary status for different reasons.

And for the other 100 pages, we’ve really got out and amongst it. We’ve been to Armenia, Cornwall, Norway, Uruguay, Manchester, London and Coventry to present our most global issue yet.


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