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nomad, No.15

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nomad is a magazine for design and society. For nomad, design is a process of shaping the future, and a catalyst for social developments and individual lifestyles.

nomad seeks to change the perspective of design – from its status as an extraordinary phenomenon to a concept more rooted in the everyday: a progression that engenders natural appreciation. Alongside a focus on the end-result of the design process and the designers themselves, other aspects are explored and the effects and future potential of design culture, in terms of individuals and society as a whole, are investigated within the framework of a broader understanding of design.

In this way, nomad aims to adopt new stances. The magazine offers views on a wide range of standpoints: personal and economic, cultural and global. By doing so, nomad covers a wide range of topics juxtaposing design, social and lifestyle issues with aspects of shaping the future, providing revelations and inspiration in the process.

In this issue:


In this issue, we delve into the topic of intelligence and the borderlands between artificial and human intelligence. The edition underscores that while AI is remarkable, it lacks human qualities such as empathy, intuition, and ethical judgment. We pose the question of whether AI can assist us in navigating our complex world, despite its limitations.

Renowned designers such as Philippe Starck, Martino Gamper, and the distinguished artist Trevor Paglen offer their insights, shedding light on the intersection of AI with creativity, design, and consciousness expansion. Let’s contemplate the profound impact that artificial intelligence will have on our lives and the development of our society, as discussed by different pioneers, role figures, and visionaries, including CD of Sahco and Magniberg Bengt Thornefors, multidisciplinary designer and researcher Madeline Gannon, and the one and only Alice Rawsthorn.


Jürgen Schmidhuber: The Father of Modern AI — Madeline Gannon: Sceptical Optimism — Büttner, Pérez Rosal, Philippi: Why do AI and Psychedelics attract each other? — Silke Bender: Self-Experience — Trevor Paglen: What is Truth? What is Intelligence? — Martino Gamper: Sitting with Martino Gamper — C.G. Jung’s Boys: The Collective Dreamer — Bengt Thornefors: Intelligent Incongruities — Philippe Starck: Democratic Design — Alice Rawsthron: Positive Change — John Maeda: Uphill Thinking — Richard Anjou: Form Follows Feeling — Team Dr Joseph: Natural intelligence as a resource — t.a.s.: Touching all the senses — Manuela Szewald: Timeless design is sustainability for today — Agapi Sbokou: Phāea and a truer experience of travelling


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