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OD.M.9 (Cover 1)

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Odalïsque Magazine is a skilfully curated fashion, culture, and art magazine. Artistic and eccentric imagery engages the viewer with a provocative social critique, valuing culture, while remaining in tone with commerce. Intriguing narratives reveal expressive interplay between art, luxury and fashion, where the juxtaposition of creativity and reasoning merges into a cultural symbiosis.

In this issue:

Designer duo Rave Review’s approach to fashion that is seemingly inspired by Goethe’s viewpoint. 

Blenda, first Swedish singer ever signed to Pharell
Williams and Rob Walker’s Star Trak/ Def Jam Recordings label talks about how her music plays a role in many things, that she as an artist can take a stand and help spread new ways of thinking, along with a vibe. 

The artist Ayan Farah speaks about poignant reminders of the passing of time.

Pari Damani, Odalisque Magazines Beauty Editor teams up with photographer Andreas Johansson and opens up our minds with a colorful beauty. Photographer Ninja Hanna illustrates a modern mermaid by the sea. Further, we meet artistic photographer Hinke Tovle’s alien figure in a bare wild landscape. In Sandra Myhberg’s portrait series The Mystery of Inequity we are told different ways how to define beauty. 

Photographers: Andreas Johansson, Sandra Myhrberg, Hinke Tovle, Ninja Hanna, Laura Allard-Fleischl, Fredrik Wannerstedt, Joanna Hüttner Lemoine, Fredric Altinell

Illustrations: Michaela Widergren


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